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Why is it funny?

I don’t get it.

Why is it kewl to laff at Barney the Disnosaur an his “i love you” song?

It seems to me it took one mentally retarded dumb-ass of an excuse of a “man” who was/is uncapable of love to laugh at the show of a beautiful human feeling and the rest of the world cant wait to jump on the bandwagon like sheep and point and laff…………..”its baaaaaaaaaaaaad” ooh lets laff at the word love …..hahahahahaha

Well then he wasnt really human or a man or anything was he?

Because im pretty sure that babies are born with the ability to love built right into them

So something happened to this…….thing…..cant be human if it cant love

Again on the radio today a huge campaign laffing at the Barney song and awarding fathers a medal for suffering through hours of this song?  I’M SORRY BUT I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF BEING WITH MY DAUGHTER SINGING  AND DANCING  WITH THE PURPLE DINOSAUR AND I WOULD GLADLY WATCH HER DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

I really don’t see what is funny in the words “i love you, you love me were a great big family”

It seems to be the acceptable norm to laff and scoff at the terrible Barney song

What sort of message is this sending to the children of the world?

On one side they see this fun purple dinosaur telling them its nice to love everyone but here is

my DADDY telling me its unkewl?  Which do you think is going to stick in the childs brain?

I say NO . Its time to stop . Its UNKEWL to laff at Barney Its time for the world to join hands and sing


“I love you, you love me were a great big GLOBAL family, With a great big hug and kiss from me to you

wont you say you love me toooo”?