Maybe its just me . Maybe i ahve  zero respect for Coff “authority”…coff coff

But why does this first video remind me sooo much of the second one?


Dunno, maybe im wierd?


The Receptionist


A paradigm shift in how to treat the problem of company perception

((wow i eventually used one of them buzz words i hate so much))

I was either:

– cutting the grass


– renewing the endless struggle against the oppressive green growing invading plant matter

this evening    (( I prefer the second description,  but i’m just weird))  🙂

When it struck me. Well no nuthing struck me but i did get an idea. How about this?

You know how every company hires a receptionist to answer their phone? You know how every company complains about how they wish they could improve their company image?

Well how bout this?

STOP hiring some poor person out of school who doesnt really want to answer your dam phone, cares less about your company and only wants to leave as soon as possible!

LETS implement this policy.

EVERYONE and I mean everyone has to get a chance being the receptionist. You dont get a perfomance appraisal if you never did your “stint” answering the phone.  When it’s your turn your will put your “real” job on hold even if you are the CIO and for that week  BE the recptionist. You will answer the phone in a polite and curteous manner, within 3 rings TAKE owership of each and every problem you become aware of and work at them untill they are resolved

You will put your other job on hold for the week , reschedule your meetings etc etc

Nooo dont make your eyes GLAZE over. Think bout it!

Savings in salary…..hehe

Your staff will know more about what it is exactly your company does. John from Marketing will speak to Bill from Sanitation BECAUSE HE HAS TO deliver his messages etc etc

I’m not going to elaborate . You’re all big business people, think of the opportunities!!!!

This keeps me motivated

Yes is a video and yes its a concept and yes its not solving huge world crisis-es

BUT I find it uplifting , It motivates me to be better and makes me once again so

grateful for being in IT

For keeping the eyes moist

The progress is slow but promising

As can be seen the graph is wobbly BUT

Ive stopped going there as much as used to

That is indicated by the high page count early in the month when there was obsessive checking to see that all worked correctly

Lately i havent been checking every two seconds so the count is lower Howerer there is still a daily page count which means that

Someone is listening. Woohoo.  I’m not fooling myself I still have a long long way to go before its anything likeit should be

But for now at least i can still

Keep the faith


Short, to the point and perfect

Death of normal facebook games

Ok the new revolution in Facebook gaming has arrived.

Play for good.

Ellen deserves real kudos for this

Ignore this

It’s just for me.

I want to be able to look a this in the future and keep myself motivted and on track

FFS if they can do it so can i. I have 25 years coding exp after all

IT’s so time to leave the dam rat race behind and do something i want to do

Just imagine how much good  can be done with R  160 000 000 ?

((yes that’s the right number of zeroes One hundred and sixty million))

Poke in my ribs

Ok so who needs to win the lotto?

They made 2 million in 4 days

That’s 20 million ZAR’s

Who needs the lotto?

Please Sir, have you got a job for me?

I have recently entered my comany into an acellerator competition. One of the fields to complete was “Why should we choose you?”

This is an extract of my answer, posted there and copied here, so that the reason for the website may be a bit clearer 🙂

1) Because i’m never going to stop pursuing this until I get it done.

Watch this movie by this brilliant man – this inspired me –

2) Because I am incredibly passionate about the fields of education and technology.

I am a GEEK have been programming since 1985. Love Microsoft long time 🙂

3) Because I am proof that if you want something bad enough you can get it.

I applied for many entry programs into programming after leaving my 4 years of conscription into military in 1985. However because I never finished math’s at school I never got in.

I taught myself to program in gw-basic and 25 years later I’m still coding. ((just not basic any more ))

Two things that have affected my life are lack of access to education because of insufficient funds.

I know it’s not a barrier to all BUT it should not be there.

WE MUST be able to provide education as a God given RIGHT just as we enjoy water and air.

And being told “Sorry we don’t need you anymore”.

No one should ever have to experience what that feels like.

It’s happened to too many people already, is happening right now and will increase in occurrence as time passes and the global economy crumbles.

WE HAVE to provide people with skills to be self sustaining.

They did it in the past.  Everyone had a job, a role to play a position a value . We will give people their dignity back so that they never EVER AGAIN have to stand , cap in hand

“Please Sir, have you  got a job for me”?