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My development and progress as I learn all there is about Windows 8 development and details of projects i’ve created and of course how much money i’ve made :)

Windows 8 App Excellence Lab

I have submitted an idea the App Execllence lab


Pls Sir, can I have some more?

I’m an early adopter, always have been, can not wait for new and exciting tech to come out. Google glasses? throws money  @ Google :)

Upload brain into a chip? Where do i sign?

Will i one day be exploded into a million pieces ?  be the fist person to not re-materialize at the end of a transport ? probably 😦

I hope that i don’t, but i will be among the first to be in the line to try it. Its just the little boy inside me and he aint ever gonna grow up :)

Where to start ?

Any devs looking at getting onto the Win 8 bandwagon are going to ask, where do i start?

Here is a very useful url dedicated to getting you to make your first win 8 app in under 30 days.

Check it out i found it very useful.