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Wow 3 weeks already?

Tempus certainly does Fugit.

One of the reasons there has been a delay in getting started was finding a way to keep the idea going. This flies against all the principles of programming and technology which is to use tech to solve an already  existing problem not create a solution for something that doesn’t exist.

Hmm just thinking of it …..My Sock was actually born of a solution needed solving in this case “sitting at hackathon and needing a program to submit “:) 

Eventually I had my Eureka moment. Eureka!   🙂

Im going to use “My Sock” for doing good. Use the “as yet” , “but soon” to be published windows 8 platform along with FaceBook to create the social aspect of the site but keep the peeps involved by the do good aspect .


Time to roll up the sleeves






Hello interwebs

Wow i never realized how long it was since last scribble

Been in a deep dark hole, yet again 😦

Good news is though, each time i claw myself out i learn something so never a waste of time

Lotsa stuff coming soon, watch this space