About me?

Ok. My name is Mark Jordaan and i look like this, sorry for scaring you 🙂


Why am  I here? Well for many reasons:

  1.  To jump on the social media bandwagon
  2. To practice writing
  3. To showcase skills
  4. To talk about interests
  5. To showcase my CV
  6. To gather interest in SA Coderz
  7. To document my progress in “going back to school”

Wow! do I really have so many things to drone on about?

I’m going to jump in at no 6 on my List, “SA Coderz“. I started this site last year after being retrenched while being employed at a large pharmaceutical company in South Africa for a period of 2 years. While sitting around the pool and feeling sorry for myself i started to listen to the news on the radio and became aware of the global unemployment situation and the bad situation in South Africa. I got the idea that my skills of 25 years in the IT industry was really worth something and that a new type of business could be created where people where not only taught skills to start a career , in this case programming , but also the skills to allow them to go out and not just “look for a job” but actually help by creating work . These ideas were jotted down in http://southafricancoderz.weebly.com/

Unfortunately the only inquiries i ever received where from people already skilled and not in South Africa :(.  I guess the message got “lost in translation ” from my head to the page. So this problem will ave to be addressed for version 2. Watch the SA Coderz Section for progress on that.

To showcase skillz, no 3 on the list. Apart from all the stuff that I have learned over the last 25 years . Right now is an interesting time to be a developer. The biggest software provider in the world is busy dragging, kicking and screaming in many cases , the unwashed into a new way of using their computers, introducing, touch terminals, voice and gestures into the every day users way of interactivity  with our devices . Computers and computing deices are IMHO undergoing just as huge a change as they first did when moving away from room sized monsters to the devices we know now. AND don’t even get me started on GOOGLE glasses and augmented reality etc etc

In my part to keep up with these changes im currently doing intensive training in Metro style development on pc and phone prior to the release of Windows 8. So the Skillz Section will be used to talk about old stuff and all the new technology rushing towards us

No 7 on the list. “going back to school” This i am INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT. The inernational tertiary education industry is going to undergo an incredible make over as a result of  efforts by Sebastian Thrun, (an inredibly smart man), MIT,Harvard,Berkeley They are the pioneers at providing FREE education of the classes they offer. All of the the wonderfull stuff I learn from them i will post in the “BAck to School”  section


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