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Database info


Just been in boxed by Stanford University about their FREE course on databases. Just passing on the info for others that may not know

Also if you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months ūüôā Do yourself a¬†favor¬†and check out Coursera , EDX and Udacity. They are leading and changing the world of FREE university class and WORLD CLASS education courses presented by Stanford,Oxford, MIT etc etc etc


Wow 3 weeks already?

Tempus certainly does Fugit.

One of the reasons there has been a delay in getting started was finding a way to keep the idea going. This flies against all the principles of¬†programming¬†and technology which is to use tech to solve an already ¬†existing problem not create a solution for something that doesn’t exist.

Hmm just thinking of it …..My Sock was actually born of a solution needed solving in this case “sitting at hackathon and needing a program to submit “:)¬†

Eventually I had my Eureka moment. Eureka! ¬† ūüôā

Im going to use “My Sock” for doing good. Use the “as yet” , “but soon” to be published windows 8 platform along with FaceBook to create the social aspect of the site but keep the peeps involved by the do good aspect .


Time to roll up the sleeves





Hello interwebs

Wow i never realized how long it was since last scribble

Been in a deep dark hole, yet again ūüė¶

Good news is though, each time i claw myself out i learn something so never a waste of time

Lotsa stuff coming soon, watch this space