1 day only?

My bit of stuff for Mandela Day?

Thinking. Thinking what will it take to turn everyday into a “Mandela Day”

Just listening to the country jump through hoops to get recognized for doing their

Mandela bit and feeling sad. Hundreds of stories of people cant wait to broadcast in whatever manner possible a tale of how

wonderful they are by doing their “bit” be it on the radio , tv , or interwebs.

Name after name all bragging or pushing thier business and saying i did this!

Where were they Yesterday? and the day before that ? and the day before that?

Imagine how it would be if these same people just on their own, decided to perform some random act of kindness?

Without having their name splashed all over the media?

Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Everyday is Mandela day? Everyday when someone seems something needing fixing , they fix it?

Just imagine NEXT year when the next Mandela Day rolls around and 5 gazillion people stand in the street saying “but there is nothing to fix”?


Taking the lead of a great man and working with it everyday  fixing the country , step by step day by day WITHOUT CRAVING RECOGNITION  until one day ,we can take his hand on a hilltop and say “Look Madiba . We did this for you”

Now that would be an awesome Mandela Day


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