The Receptionist


A paradigm shift in how to treat the problem of company perception

((wow i eventually used one of them buzz words i hate so much))

I was either:

– cutting the grass


– renewing the endless struggle against the oppressive green growing invading plant matter

this evening    (( I prefer the second description,  but i’m just weird))  🙂

When it struck me. Well no nuthing struck me but i did get an idea. How about this?

You know how every company hires a receptionist to answer their phone? You know how every company complains about how they wish they could improve their company image?

Well how bout this?

STOP hiring some poor person out of school who doesnt really want to answer your dam phone, cares less about your company and only wants to leave as soon as possible!

LETS implement this policy.

EVERYONE and I mean everyone has to get a chance being the receptionist. You dont get a perfomance appraisal if you never did your “stint” answering the phone.  When it’s your turn your will put your “real” job on hold even if you are the CIO and for that week  BE the recptionist. You will answer the phone in a polite and curteous manner, within 3 rings TAKE owership of each and every problem you become aware of and work at them untill they are resolved

You will put your other job on hold for the week , reschedule your meetings etc etc

Nooo dont make your eyes GLAZE over. Think bout it!

Savings in salary…..hehe

Your staff will know more about what it is exactly your company does. John from Marketing will speak to Bill from Sanitation BECAUSE HE HAS TO deliver his messages etc etc

I’m not going to elaborate . You’re all big business people, think of the opportunities!!!!


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