The love has gone?


Way to harsh my buzz!

Thats what I think the hippies used to say.

I was never told when starting a new entrepreneur thingy that you would have to watch your twitter followers like a hawk!

Crashed on the bed @ 05h00 after being awake all night and working for , ooooh what? …..19 hours yesterday.

I awoke to discover that 3 twitterites….twittereees….twits. Yea TWITS had scarpered, vamoosed, fled the nest.


Yes. When you only have 25 following you it’s hard not to notice when 3 vanish overnight 😦

Maybe they was “raptured”?……looks skywards and gets an umbrella…….

Oh well. Lets see what happens when they wanna come back…….mwhahahahah

Funny thing is………

In the week of GEW they happen to be   @AurikSA, @bizspark and another “alleged” bussiness start up thingy , cant even remeber your name, HAHAHA

((psst I have a feeling it’s cos i posted something about the new Google music launch thing last night))…..mwhahahaha

So I guess no more love then……

Oh well


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